Investors and Advisors to the CPG Food Industry

Embassy Park LLC is an investment and advisory firm whose principals have extensive experience in the CPG Food industry.  The firm acts as both an investor and advisor to businesses in the manufacturing and or sales and marketing of branded, private label and co-manufactured food products.

The firm focuses its investment activity on CPG Food businesses that:

  • Have been neglected or under-funded by the current owner due to other priorities

  • Are hitting an inflection point and need more sophisticated processes or partners to go to the next level

  • Have had difficulty navigating the various headwinds present in the current CPG Food environment

  • Are family owned businesses that are looking for liquidity or a path to grow through acquisitions

Our principals have over five decades of deal experience and have been successful in providing creative solutions to businesses whose situations are unique and require thinking outside of the box. We offer senior level attention, backed by deep and varied experience along with the desire and commitment to do the right thing, even if it means doing nothing.  Our seasoned network of CPG food professionals allows us to draw on talent from various disciplines that are unique to the industry, specific products, and situations.  The partners in our network have experience with the top CPG companies in the country yet have also engaged in entrepreneurial endeavors where processes and systems are limited.  This combination of perspectives enables our team to focus on problem solving and solutions.

We invest our own capital as well as maintain relationships with numerous family offices, PE funds and other institutional investors.  This network enables us to source the right partner for a given transaction. Our experience has shown us that the right partner(s) is critical for success in the food industry and having flexibility and options with regard to capitalization is a key driver of ultimate value creation.

We are best suited for clients and situations where we need to roll up our sleeves and go deeper than traditional PE investors or advisors. Ultimately, the more we learn about a client’s business, the better we can address the issues, tell their story to investors and the market, and help the business maximize value.

We take pride in telling prospective clients very quickly whether we are a fit for them.  Additionally, we maintain our focus on a limited number of clients at any given point in time. This enables us to provide appropriate attention to a given situation as we are not distracted by numerous other portfolio company dynamics.